With a ticket to the Expo, you are welcome to attend all events throughout the day!  We design our seminars to cover a broad range of topics relevant to Twin Cities’ actors.

Professional track seminars are intended for actors who make a living (or a portion of their living) as an actor.

Novice track seminars are intended for those who may have acting experience and training, but have limited experience in that seminar’s subject matter.

For example:

  • An actor who has taken acting classes and/or worked in a few films and commercials will still benefit from novice seminars.
  • An actor who works regularly on stage may still be a novice in commercial acting.
  • Someone with a degree in theater may still be a novice at navigating the business.

You’re welcome to attend any seminar of interest to you; however, we ask that in professional track seminars, please allow the more experienced attendees to lead the Q&A sessions.  Save any basic questions for the end of the session as time allows.